Pro-Con Essay: Shopping Trends

     Nowadays, more and more small local shops are closing down because a great majority of people prefer to drive to huge shopping centers. According to some surveys, about 60% of families regularly do their weekly shopping in very large chain-stores famous worldwide. Such a tendency raises the logical question: Why is shopping at hypermarkets so popular?

     Many people consider shopping a pleasant way of spending their leisure time in fashionable places. Families usually go to shopping centers on weekends and spend long hours walking round, examining items, looking for bargains, comparing prices, drinking refreshments, or having their meals at the store cafeteria.

     Hypermarkets are well-stocked with all sorts of products. They offer a wide choice of well-exhibited goods,arranged in specific departments where customers can easily find almost everything they are looking for. They can buy food, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, sports, equipment, toys, books, household appliances, and many other products-all under one roof with no waste of time at all.

     Furthermore, goods in hypermarkets are generally fresher and at better deals than those in small  local shops. Due to the fact that large quantities are sold, they are immediately replaced with new products. A lot of them are sold off at lower rates. Bargain hunters can save a lot of money on things which are on special offers. If customers buy something they are not satisfied with, they have the right to return it and get their money back. They can also choose the method of payment: either in cash, by checks, or by credit cards. In most hypermarkets, it is possible to buy an article by regular installments. This means that people can make monthly payments for it over a period of time.

     Hypermarkets are open until late in the evening all days of the week. Some of them remain open day and night. This is very convenient for people who work late as they can simply do all their shopping in one place after working hours without moving from one shop to another.

     With all the above advantages, it is not surprising why hypermarkets attract more and more shoppers. Yet, hypermarkets, by all their nature of business, will never provide shoppers with one thing: intimate relations with customers. Those shoppers, who are in favor of such service, should stick to their local small shops.