Essay is a nonfiction prose. The essay or article is a form designed primarily to express ideas, and descriptions. The topics of essays are unlimited; they may be on social, political, artistic, scientific, and other subjects. In an essay an author focuses on one topic such as the influence of diet on health or the contrast between envy and ambition. The writer usually develops a single topic fully but not exhaustively. But exhaustiveness is the aim, the writer expands the essay into the form of an entire book, which retains the same centralized focus as the essay but permits a wide examination and application of the entire subject.
The article is a form closely related to the essay. It is designed to explore and draw conclusions from facts and sometimes it is exclusively factual. Therefore the article is used in all scholarly areas, such as economics, chemistry, physics, geology, anthropology, and history. When an article is used exclusively for the reporting research findings, it is distant from the essay in style, but when a writer combines factual material with conclusions and interpretations, the article comes close to the essay. When the scope of the article is enlarged, it grows into a complete book.
Why Write an Essay?
Anyone who has gone to college and tell you that writing is a big part of the experience. Students have to take accurate notes in classes, write essays and papers for different subjects, and often have to respond to essay questions on exams. Students need to be able to think logically in order to do this, and be able to take a stance on an issue and defend their position in writings.