Cause-Effect Essay: Student-Teacher Relationship

    Student-Teacher relationship has always been that complex and controversial issue among different experts in education and psychology. As a result of such complexity, different problems and complications between the two (teacher and student) always impose themselves and embitter the relationship which has to be solved through respect, love, and understanding.
    To begin with, disciplinary problems are a main cause for an unhealthy relationship between the teacher and his students. The former feels irritated as his students cause chaos and trouble in class. The latter feel bored, disengaged and totally disinterested. In this sense, lack of attention and concentration seems to be a logical outlet for them. After all “any compulsory knowledge will never stick in the brain”. To solve this problem, a teacher has to motivate and activate her/his students in the class. Instead of lecturing, the teacher should interact with students and let them be the center of the learning teaching process. Here, every one shares, innovates and feels important.

    Personal and social problems might be another cause of conflict between teachers and students. A student may have different personal and family problems that impede him from being attentive and creative. Every now and then, a student might feel distracted and illusional. Here starts the role of the teacher who has got to be father and a friend whose role is to infuse the student with confidence will-power, respect, and care. And it is so evident that a helpless student will highly appreciate his teacher’s love and care and will definitely change and become better.

    Finally, by depending on traditional, old fashioned methods, some teachers create educational problems with their students. In other words, these teachers do not use the proper methods and teaching styles necessary to motivate students and “put them under a totality of effect.” Consequently, classes become boring. If teachers observe and evaluate themselves every now and then, it will be very possible for them to create a lively and healthy class atmosphere where every one is more or less motivated and activated.

    In all, teaching is an art, a creative one, where teachers and students blend together to create harmony and balance if they interact in a loving and understanding atmosphere.