Cause & Effect Essay: Soil Pollution

     Although some environmental pollution is a result of natural causes, most is due to human activities. Soil pollution is one of the environmental problems which Lebanon has been suffering from and trying to figure out a way to lessen its effects on plant and animal life.

     Unhealthy soil management methods have seriously degraded soil quality, caused soil pollution and enhanced erosion. Treating the soil with chemical fertilizers and pesticides interferes with the natural processes accruing within the soil and destroys useful organisms such as bacteria. House hold hazardous wastes such as paints, cleaning chemicals, and batteries also contribute to crop failure because of the damage they cause to the soil when they aren’t dumped or sorted out in their proper places.

     It is always best to use organic substances when dealing with soil and proper disposal of hazardous materials reduces the damage pesticides and poisons can come into play as the final perhaps necessary elements in our anti-pest strategy. To reduce our own contribution to hazardous wastes, we should sort out and dispose them safely in separate pins. Put your leftover pesticides, solvent-based paints, and other dangerous items in special green points in your area to be safely disposed or recycled in special hazardous waste facilities.

     In brief, it’s the people’s responsibility the first place and the authorities the second place to eliminate the damage caused in our soil. Healthy and toxic free lands mean healthy animals, crops, and healthy people.