Argumentative Essay: Parenting Battles

  Parents are the essence of our lives. They are the light that makes the dark tunnel of life glow. They lead us through that tunnel, teaching us how to distinguish between good and bad values, right and wrong behavior. Both, the mother and the father work hard to provide the best living for their children and to encourage the ultimate self-confidence dwelling within them. They both leave a deep mark in their kids lives, but whose mark is deeper? Who makes the better parent? Many people believe that the mother, with her love and tenderness is superior to the father, while others believe that the father, with his firmness and stoicism is the one superior to the mother. Although the father is the breadwinner of the family, the mothers love and responsibility certifies her to be the better parent. 

  First of all, mothers are soul feeders who enrich their children with love, kindness and care. The word mother is a synonym to someone who feeds, cares, nurtures, and protects. From the first day of conception, the mother frets about how to keep her soon-to-be child safe, happy, and healthy. She develops a sacred relationship with her little angel where she would basically go to the ends of the world to provide him/her with what he/she needs. It is simply her nature to love and care for her children. Also, a mother is always there to mend the physical and emotional pain of her children whether they are hurting from a bicycle accident or a bad break-up or a friend disappointment. Technically, a mother puts her children’s happiness on the top of her priority list where she is ready to shower them with unconditional love all her life until they reach that point of happiness. Sigmund Freud, who had a predominant influence in shaping the twentieth century’s cultural views of parenting, believed that since mothers usually fed and cared for their babies, they were biologically better suited to be parents.

  Apart from providing infinite love and pampering their children, mothers are also sensible and responsible parents. Girls are raised on the basis of having to be diligent mothers. They are taught, from a young age, how to clean, cook, and take responsibility of several duties. They are also trusted to babysit their younger siblings as a process of being involved in child responsibility for the future. Girls bear a prodigious amount of pressure in their teenage years which makes them grow into practical and responsible mothers. They become aware of the right methods of raising their kids and guiding them in the right direction, in addition to ruling their empire flawlessly. For example, if a child were to disobey his mom, she would definitely not stand there and just take it. She would ground him for his actions, not as a result of hate, but to teach him what wrong he did.

  Some people claim that it is in the fathers favors to be a better parent. It is true that the father is the breadwinner and the shelterer  of the family. It is his job to take care of the financial matters and provide his family with the money they need. However, in these modern days, mothers are also taking part regarding financial decision making. In fact, it is nearly, if not completely, an equally shared process between the mother and the father, not to mention that the mother is more qualified to handle finance in some cases. Facts state that 84% of women feel that they are equally or better qualified to handle financial decisions considering that they are more responsible. 

  In brief, the mother wins the battle of “better parent” for her irrevocable love and responsibility towards her offsprings. A mother is the exact definition of tenderness, dedication, and hard work. She is the anchor of our ships, and without her, we would just sink.