The Environment

    Human technological advancement, rashly known as progress, is becoming a threat to the environment and to all living organisms within it: vegetable, animal, and human alike. One of the latent but ultimately most dangerous types of pollution is that of sea water. Polluting the sea is in fact the last ring in the pollution chain, and probably the only one irreversible, given the sheer size of the bodies of water on our planet. As a matter of fact, many technological products cause sea pollution, and the effects are drastic. 

       Technology has contributed numerous inventions that have caused sea pollution. These include things as simple as fishing boats and plastic bags and landfills, as well as some quite more complex, such as chemical wastes from factories, oil spills, or plastic refuse. Consequently, the side effects of these technologies are the destruction of sea bottoms and the death of many marine animals. Plastic bags and chemical refuse have killed many animals; oil spills have caused lack of oxygen into the water, and wastes from factories have endangered many marine species. The result is a depleted, infected environment which in turn can take its toll on human existence through reducing yield, causing famine, and transporting contamination to humans through the normal food chain.

         Although many believe that the earth is too wide to be dirtied, humans are proving that by being careless with their technological by-products, they are endangering their entire natural environment. If no correcting action is taken immediately, a healthy future will not be possible.