Argumentative Essay: Unrivaled Teaching Methodology

    Has the thought of replacing books in schools by tablets ever occurred to you? Have you ever imagined how using a tablet in class could improve the performance of students? Do tablets actually help students academically instead of distracting them? It has been proven that 73% of students have shown improvement in their academic work since the introduction of tablets in their classes. Allowing the use of tablets in classrooms rather than books is a controversial issue that some people agree to, while others don’t. Substituting books by tablets is a privilege that would show an immense improvement in classes.

     The use of tablets in classrooms instead of books offer students many facilities and features that books are limited to. Tablets provide millions of ebooks rich with information that could never be found in one book. Also, tablets supply students with images, videos, audio, and interactive features, not to mention that they allow students to highlight texts, take notes in margins, and even access a dictionary directly within the book itself. This way, tablets are surpassing everything a traditional book can offer. For example, if a student has a certain research, he would be obliged to go to the library, look up several books, waste a lot of time. However, when using a tablet, he could get what he needs with one click!!

     On the other hand, tablets enormously improve learning. Students are attracted to technology, so studying from a tablet would attract them to the lesson. In addition, students would become more engaged in classroom discussions when using a tablet as well as participate more. Facts state that 60% of school faculty thought that students were motivated by lessons that incorporate the tablets than those that didn’t. Moreover, 69% of students feel that using the tablets motivate them and that they work better with tablets than without them. Also, 73% of students feel that tablets help them improve the quality of their work.

     It is claimed that tablets harm student’s health when used recurrently. Students might suffer from eye strain, back pain and wrist pain. It is true that tablets hurt the eyes and cause other health problems. However, books cause bigger ones. When a student is bending over to read from a book, his back and neck are being exposed to danger. Also, when a student is lugging a bag full of books back and forth from class to home everyday, he is thoroughly causing the defection of his back and spinal cord. Furthermore, many books offer texts with a very small font that would eventually hurt the eyes of students. Almost, 70% of students suffer from back pain as a result of carrying books, and bending over them, and almost 30% of those are scarred for life...

     In conclusion, tablets are a great evolution to the schools academic systems since they offer several features as well as amend student’s learning. School administrations must take into consideration what is best for their students which is definitely introducing tablets as a way of education, for who knows, might tablets be the light of a bright future education?